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  • Phone: (479) 783-5161
  • Email:
  • Meeting Address:
    3900 Grand Avenue
    Fort Smith, AR 72904

Service Times

  • Sunday:
    Bible Study: 9:15am
    Worship: 10:30am

Core Values


"We glorify God..."

We strive to glorify God corporately...

  • by coming together weekly as a church to worship Him
  • by faithfully teaching and preaching the Word of God regularly
  • by doing anything to share the gospel of Jesus with the world

We strive to glorify God with our personal lives...

  • by being diligent to attend worship and receive Biblical teaching
  • by sacrificing our lives to follow Him in obedience
  • by sharing the gospel of Jesus with everyone who will listen


"...by making disciples..."

A disciple is a Christ-follower who models and teaches Biblical precepts to others. A disciple is constantly striving to grow in Christ-likeness and actively shares his faith with others he meets. Discipleship begins at the moment of salvation, but the process does not end so long as life endures.  


"...of all nations."

In Acts 1:8, Jesus commands us to go to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the world.  The conjunction in that sentence is not "or."  It is "and."  Therefore we believe that a true Biblical model for the church and individuals in completing the Great Commission is to be involved in all aspects of missions from your own home to the farthest tribe on a different continent.

Everything that we do at Grand Avenue Baptist Church is about bringing God the most glory.  In Revelation 7:9 we see God's greatest glory revealed in every tribe, language, and culture worshipping before His throne.  Therefore it is to this end we strive.

In order to do our part in finishing the Great Commission we will seek to reach and plant indigenous, reproducing churches among the least-evangelized groups in these three areas...